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Shopping  & Connectivity

The duty free zone at Istanbul Airport is one of the world’s biggest travel retail areas with 53,000sqm. Over 1,000 domestic and international luxury brands are gathered under one roof, offering customers an unforgettable and extraordinary shopping experience.

Thanks to its strategic location between East and West, Istanbul Airport is serving more than 260 destinations in 60 countries, just three hours away. Since its opening in October 2018 it has been operating on full capacity and since April 2019 has served over 41 million passengers, on 256,521 flights, with 28 million pieces of baggage and has moved 855,259 tons of cargo.

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Passengers Health and Safety 

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Bringing Art to the World

As a part of the culture and art events, it has organized, Istanbul Airport now reaches across the world with the sound of music. Turkey's first spotter area, located in Istanbul Airport, is hosting live performances as a part of the "Runway Studio" events.
The first guest performance of the “Runway Studio” project was Birol Giray (BeeGee), one of Turkey's most important electronic music artists, who plays a major role in the development of the entertainment and radio sectors

Istanbul Airport breaks new ground in Turkey yet again with the opening of Istanbul Airport Museum put at its passengers’ service to acquaint citizens from all over the world with Turkish culture. Currently exhibiting 316 works from 29 museums, Istanbul Airport Museum is one of the few worldwide, awaiting its visitors on the international departures floor.

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One of the Best Airports Worldwide

Having gone beyond being one of the best airports in the world and offering a unique experience to travelers, Istanbul Airport's success is recognized with another award. Readers of Condé Nast Traveler, a globally renowned New York & London-based travel magazine, chose Istanbul Airport as the second in the list of world's best airports.

According to the survey result of Condé Nast Traveler's reader votes, Istanbul Airport entered the list in the 2nd place after Singapore (SIN) Airport, leaving airports like Tokyo Narita (NRT), Seoul Incheon (ICN), Doha (DOH), Dubai (DXB), Marrakech (RAK), Athens (ATH), Zurich (ZRH), London Heathrow (LHR) behind.

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Terms and Conditions: *Offers built into the pricing displayed. Includes discounts on bookings up to 25% off. Book stays before 15th of November 2022. Subject to availability.

Offering more than 260 destinations, the new gateway to Istanbul is already competitively positioned as one of the world’s leading air transport hubs. As the first airport created in the 21st century, it benefits from the best-available technologies, a hugely efficient passenger experience, and a complete blend of ‘global and local’ shopping and eating choices.

Everything is contained in a single terminal making an important architectural contribution to the great city of Istanbul. Besides its modern facilities, comforts, and unrivaled connectivity, Istanbul's new airport has the capacity and security to keep growing in a sustainable way, far into the future.

Istanbul Airport continues to be the pride of Turkish aviation with many awards won worldwide. At the 16th ACI Europe Awards, hosted by the Airports Council International, Istanbul Airport was awarded 'Europe's Best Airport in Digital Transformation.

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Europe's busiest hub

According to Eurocontrol data, Istanbul Airport was the busiest hub in Europe with a total of 46, 291 flights in January, February, and March this year. The airport was followed by Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport with 40, 690 flights, while Amsterdam Schiphol Airport recorded 39,125 flights and 38,053 flights were registered at Frankfurt Airport.

In 2020, Istanbul Airport ranked first with 23.4 million passengers in the list of European airports passenger numbers. London Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle airports followed with 22.1 million passengers. It was stated that Amsterdam Schiphol Airport ranked fourth with 20.9 million, and with 18.8 million passengers, Frankfurt Airport in Germany ranked fifth.

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Kids and Family Friendly Airport

Aiming to make the travelling experiences of families with children easier and more enjoyable, iGA has come up with various solutions for these families to travel more comfortably and happily at Istanbul Airport with its "Now is the Time for Kids to Fly" service. These solutions are brought together under the concept of ‘Children and Family Friendly Airport.’

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A Combination of Modern and Traditional

Experience the Cool Vibes of Istanbul

There are many breakfast options in İstanbul, all with stunning views of the Bosphorus or the city. Your clients can check out Kahvaltıcılar Sokağı (Breakfast Street), a breakfast lovers’ favorite haunt, full of cafés, in Beşiktaş.

For those seeking to get out of the city, why not jump on a ferry and explore the Princes’ Islands? These seven islands are a short ride away and each have their own unique feel, as well as beaches, walking and cycling tracks, cute cafés, and restaurants.

İstanbul has a thriving art scene, so art lovers should check out the latest exhibitions in Beyoğlu, Kadiköy, Emirgan, Maslak, or Beykoz, where there are a number of large galleries and museums.

For evening shows, there are often local and international artists touring and countless bars, pubs and concert halls almost every night of the week.

Meyhanes, or taverns, are found in almost every corner of İstanbul. Whether your clients are in the mood for modern twists on traditional cuisine in an upscale restaurant, traditional cuisine with a view of the sea, or a more casual meal with friends, a meyhane night is highly recommended.

Rich Culture, History and Monuments

It is İstanbul's endless variety that fascinates its visitors. The museums, churches, palaces, grand mosques, bazaars, and sites of natural beauty are countless.

İstanbul is Türkiye's most developed and largest city, with the latest discoveries indicating that the history of human habitation here goes back some 400,000 years.

During the reign of the Byzantines, İstanbul known at the time as Constantinople, was adorned with a number of great monuments, which made it the most magnificent city in the world – this was true even during the declining years of the empire.

What to See in Istanbul

For more than 1,500 years İstanbul was the capital of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. These cultures, nations, and religions are the small colored stones that form the mosaic of İstanbul.

The most magnificent of İstanbul's monuments are clustered on the Historical Peninsula, with two notable masterpieces, the Ayasofya-i Kebîr Cami-i Şerîfi (Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque) and the Süleymaniye Mosque

In Haliç, known as the Golden Horn, the Fener and Balat neighborhoods have streets full of old wooden houses, churches, and synagogues dating from Byzantine and Ottoman times.

Another historical area of İstanbul, on the opposite shore of the Golden Horn, is the former district of Pera, with its famous Galata Tower.

No stay in İstanbul is complete without a boat excursion up the Bosphorus, the strait that separates Europe and Asia. Its shores offer a delightful mixture of past and present, grand splendors and simple beauty, like the magnificent Dolmabahçe Palace.

When visiting one of the world's richest cities in terms of cultural heritage, 48 hours is hardly enough time to even scratch the surface. Here's some of the things your clients can do to get a taste of what İstanbul has to offer.

1. Take in the beauty and immensity of the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii in Turkish).

2. Go beneath the surface of İstanbul's streets and see a sculpture of the head of Medusa in the Basilica Cistern.

3. Visit İstanbul's most renowned and impressive structure the Ayasofya-i Kebîr Cami-i Şerîfi (Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque).

4. Go to the Spice Bazaar in the neighborhood of Eminönü where besides spices, sweets, nuts, and dried fruits your clients can find shoes, carpets, kilims (flat tapestry-woven rugs) and more. 

5. Stroll through İstanbul's traditional Christian and Jewish quarter of Balat, an up-and-coming design district with colorful buildings and steep hills. 

6. Have an afternoon break for some çay (Turkish tea).

48 Hours in Istanbul


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