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Taking the title of the easternmost and largest canton of Switzerland and bordering Austria, Italy, and Liechtenstein- Graubunden stands out for its wild, natural beauty coupled with the finer things in life.

Home of Switzerland's only national park, over 1,000 mountains, 150 valleys, and 615 lakes, Graubunden is perfect for families and travelers seeking spectacular outdoor adventure.

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A train journey with the Rhaetian Railway through Graubunden is the best and most comfortable way for your clients to experience the essence of Graubunden.

The Bernina and Albula lines have been operating since 1910 and are recognized as part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2008. The loop tunnels, viaducts, and galleries along 
the Albula and Bernina routes are extraordinary due to their architectural and scenic beauty.

The Bernina Express connects Chur and St. Moritz over to Valposchiavo and Tirano. 
This panoramic 144 km ride which takes around 4 hours, passes through 55 tunnels and 196 bridges, as well as bold viaducts, such as the Landwasser and Brusio Viaducts, making it an unforgettable journey to include in your clients’ itinerary. 

Make sure to recommend your clients to book tickets in advance so they don’t miss the chance to hop on this breathtaking journey.

The Rhaetian Railway is sustainable thanks to one hundred percent hydropower. It is the hydroelectric power plants in Valposchiavo that supply the electricity for the operation of the railways.

Bernina Express - an unforgettable journey

Skating along ice trails

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Lantern trail, Flims Laax

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Between alpine peaks and valleys, families can really let off some steam. 

Tobogganing - Dash down the mountain curve by curve!

Renowned as the home of sledding, experience fast-paced descents, cozy moonlit tobogganing, and tricky curve maneuvers on specially prepared routes amid breathtaking winter landscapes. 

For families who prefer a more leisurely pootle, there are also plenty of routes to triumph, never ceasing to put a smile on the youngest and oldest of faces.

Home to a plethora of routes tailored to all abilities, Graubunden has some of the finest regions to get your clients started on their tobogganing bliss. 

Check out more family activities in Graubunden by clicking on the articles on the right. 

Family Adventures

If your clients ever need a reason to visit St. Moritz then attendance to the annual White Turf horse races surely fits the bill. Held since 1907, the legendary White Turf is renowned as the world's only horse races to be held on a frozen lake.

Held every year, over three race Sundays in February, noble thoroughbreds and international jockeys enthrall more than 30,000 spectators by racing on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. Your clients can choose to sit track-side to see the thoroughbreds blitz past in a blizzard of grit and athletic grace as they race to the finish line. Alternatively they can opt for exclusive tickets to the VIP sun terraces for the ultimate vantage point.

However it's the skijöring races which really delight spectators. Skijöring involves daring women and men being pulled on skis by their thoroughbreds over a racetrack of 2700m at speeds of up to 50km/h. Courage, physical stamina, strength and skiing proficiency combine to determine who will be crowned ‘King or Queen of the Engadin’!

Surrounding the sporting arena lies White Turf’s festival village. Here, concerts and shops can be explored, creating funfair for the entire family. Local companies offer a range of culinary delicacies to suit everyone’s taste. And the lively music and inspiring art exhibitions under the backdrop of winter sunshine and snow-capped mountains make White Turf an experience not to be missed!

White Turf, St. Moritz - 
The world’s only horse race on ice! 


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