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Unique Experiences in Alentejo

With the birth of the Portuguese nation in the 12th century, the Alentejo became a country within a country — with its own arts, cuisine, way of seeing life and way of speaking. It is a place of poets, captains, builders, farmers, artists and ranchers — the cultural past of the Alentejo is alive and vibrant.

Your clients can visit farms and learn firsthand how the cheese, wine, and olive oil is made. There are pottery towns such as Corval and Redondo where pottery shops welcome the guests, and visitors can see potters at work. Many small towns have a host of local artisans, as is the case in Évoramonte, where weavers and potters work right next door to each other.

Not to forget birding, cycling, and exploring the cork forest, your clients can even take a cooking lesson, or explore a royal palace. 

The rural depths of southern Portugal are one of the last places to stay free from light pollution, which makes the Alentejo a stargazers’ delight. 


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The Next Big Surf Destination

The Alentejo is home to Portugal’s most conserved Atlantic coastline with miles of wild and untamed beaches carved into the cliffs, brilliant for serious surfers.

With the best waves from fall through spring, surf is easy to find in the beaches around Porto Covo and Vila Nova de Milfontes. These are two charming beach towns, the latter one a leading surf hotspot with a range of surf camps and surf schools.

At the town of Odeceixe, the Atlantic meets a river. With big views and a rugged coastline.

The beach at São Torpes is considered one of the region’s finest for surfing connoisseurs. So much so that has a year-round surf school and attracts international competitions. 

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Wine Country

No wine region in Europe has blended climate, tradition and technology in the way the wineries of the Alentejo have.

The Alentejo has become Portugal’s new premier wine region. In recent decades, the region’s winemakers have ushered in many of the modern advancements, earning critical acclaim for some full-bodied, fruity reds and light, oaky whites.

With over ten percent of the country’s vineyards it continues to stand out as one of the favorite regions for both Portuguese and foreign consumers.

Both the wines and cuisine of the Alentejo have been influenced by Greek, Roman and Arab visitors.  

In Alentejo an ancient form of winemaking has survived and is flourishing, taking us back to the days of the ancients, blending modern winemaking techniques and equipment without changing the essence of winemaking in clay amphoras, called Vinho de Talha.

Your clients should look for reds from the sub-regions like Portalegre, Redondo, Granja/Amareleja, Moura or Évora. Top-quality whites are being produced in the Vidigueira sub-region of the Alentejo.

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Terms and Conditions: *Offers built into the pricing displayed. Includes discounts on bookings up to 25% off. Book stays before 31st of October 2022. Subject to availability.

Set in the South of Portugal, just 117 miles from Lisbon, and between the Tagus River and the Algarve is Alentejo. The East borders Spain and the West is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. 

Portugal’s Alentejo takes up 30% of the country with just 5% of the population. Here the pace of life is different, and the landscapes, beaches and people make it unlike any other place.

The feeling starts when driving along the rural roads, surrounded by groves of cork oaks, olive trees and vineyards. On the western coastline, surfing is popular on breathtaking Atlantic beaches while in the East, there are ancient fortified towns waiting to be explored. 

The Alentejo is a fascinating region with a rich history with many places and arts awarded special World Heritage status by UNESCO. Par excellence, its cuisine and wines, provide visitors with exceptional experiences to be discovered through nature and cultural tourism.

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With rolling plains, a long Atlantic coast and endless olive groves, wine fields and cork forests the Alentejo offers some of the best hiking in Portugal.  From mountains and waterfalls, to cliffs on the ocean, to plains, there are endless miles of trails to hike in Portugal’s cork country.

1. Costa Vicentina 

The Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast Natural Park covers more than 60 miles of protected land and shoreline, stretching down to Cabo São Vincente, Europe’s most southwestern point.

Formed by the Historic Way, Fishermen's Trail and several Circular Routes, the Rota Vicentina is an award winning network of pedestrian and cycling routes on the Alentejo’s Atlantic Coast, totaling 350 miles for walking and more than 400 miles for cycling, along one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Southern Europe.

2. Vale do Guadiana Natural Park

The Natural Park covers almost 70 thousand hectares between the towns of Mértola and Serpa. It follows the river from Pulo do Lobo, a waterfall, to the border between Alentejo and Algarve. 

The Guadiana Valley is an important corridor for migratory birds and habitat for large birds of prey, such as the Iberian imperial eagle. It is also here that the Iberian lynx reintroduction program in Portugal helps one of the peninsulas most endangered species.

3. The Gameiro Ecological Park

The Gameiro Walkway is one of the jewels of hiking in the Alentejo. The walkway begins at the River Beach of Gameiro and continues along the Raia Stream, bordered by beautiful Alentejo montado cork forests. The riverside landscapes are idyllic and, as the walkway goes through a wild area, every now and then your clients will be able to see several birds characteristic of the region, such as herons, kingfishers and jays.

Amazing Hikes to Explore

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