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Oman is a land of unlimited discovery, known for its safety and warm Arabian hospitality, it's a serene place of relaxation, unforgettable adventures, and endless exploration.
Flanked by the Gulf of Oman, the Arabian sea, and the vast desert of Saudi Arabia, Oman enjoys a secluded location with a rich history of seafaring, pearl diving, and trade.

The land is made up of desert, valleys, mountains, and coastline. Your clients can explore ancient forts, hike through awe-inspiring wadis, dive into a vibrant underwater world, unwind at a luxury resort, or just take in the scenery. Whatever they are looking for, they can find it in Oman.

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Oman is a playground for those who crave adventure. There are all kinds of outdoor and indoor activities for all interests and fitness levels.  

Because of Oman’s dramatic natural landscapes and favorable climate, there are so many outdoor sporting activities to experience throughout the year.

From large groups to solo travelers, you can find adventure activities for groups of all sizes.

It’s an up-and-coming destination for international sporting events including golf, climbing, mountain biking, scuba diving, football, and more.

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Adventure Is At The Heart Of Oman

Must-Do Adventures 
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Top Water Activities In Oman

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The natural landscape of Oman is like nowhere else on earth. Visitors are often amazed by the scenery of the sea set against the Al Hajar mountains.
Oman is the only country on earth made mostly of oceanic crust and rocks from the earth’s mantle, making it a wonderland for those interested in geology.

The Sultanate is also a paradise for nature lovers. There’s dolphin watching, bird sanctuaries, wildlife reserves, breathtaking wadis, and so much more. 

Oman also offers some of the most abundant natural settings for activities such as hiking, snorkeling, and yoga. 

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Natural Beauty And Thriving Wildlife

Traditional Omani Village And The Desert

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Wadis In Oman 
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Oman is the ideal destination for visitors looking for a true Arabian experience. Because of its secluded location from the rest of the world and being the oldest independent Arabian state, the Sultanate has kept the core facets of its culture and heritage.
Your clients will be impressed with Omani hospitality and the friendliness of the people. Oman has a rich history of seafaring, pearl diving, and trade, with Omanis playing a major role in the Silk Road and Spice Routes in ancient times. 

From museums that tell the story of the Sultanate’s past to opera houses where your clients can enjoy cultural performances, there are so many incredible cultural attractions that are open all year round for them to discover. 

Find some of our highlighted experiences in the following articles.

Rich Heritage And Welcoming Culture

Tour Of The Royal Opera House

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Unique Cultural Experiences

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